search for photos and other stuff like that. For me

  话题 1 购物


  According to the chart, it is clear that online shopping is more and more popular among people. As early as 2001, the volume of online trade was very small. Then 15 years later, the turnover of online shopping in this city soared sharply to almost 400 million yuan.

  There are many reasons accounting for the tremendous growth. For one thing, with the growing amount of goods, online shopping satisfies the individual needs of customers, which will surely gain popularity in a society where more and more people attach great importance to their personal preferences. For another, online shopping is convenient and time-saving, through which people can get whatever they like at home.

  As far as I am concerned, with the ongoing Internet technology, the convenient online shopping has attracted more people and it has become an indispensable part of our life.


  话题 2 网络


  1. Do you often use the Internet?

  Yes, the Internet is great. I use the Internet to keep up with current events. The Internet has a lot of high-quality news articles from many different sources. There is a world of knowledge right at your fingertips. I use the Internet for school research, emails, and sometimes for map-navigating and news.

  2. What do you use the Internet for?

  To check my emails, chat with my friends, go on YouTube and watch videos, play games online, search for photos and other stuff like that. For me, the Internet is where my social life is. I use the Internet to keep in touch with family members and friends. I use it with my job; I also use it to read the local and national news headlines.

  3. Do you think the use of the Internet needs to be controlled?

  Yes, I do. There are a lot of mischief makers in the world who can use the Internet to do evil things. There are hackers who break into people’s computers via the Internet with the intent of stealing. Hackers also like to break into government or business sites to disrupt their operations.

  4. Why do people use the Internet?

  People use the Internet for so many reasons. We keep in touch with friends or business contacts through email. Many people go to news sites to keep up with current events. The Internet is also used as entertainment. I like to watch videos and sports highlights. I also like to send instant messages with my friends. I can talk to my friends easily, and I’m able to talk to multiple people at once.

  5. What are the benefits of the Internet?

  The Internet has enormous benefits. The Internet boosts communication through email, instant messaging, and information broadcasting websites. There is limitless entertainment on the Web including movies, music, videos, and upcoming events in your area. The Internet also provides endless commerce, travel bargains, and advertisements.

  6. What are the negative influences of the Internet on children?

  While the Internet exhibits its obvious advantages in our daily life, it also has many seriously negative influences on children. To begin with, children, unlike adults, usually adopt an indiscriminate attitude toward what they get from the Internet, most of which promotes violence, pornography, or immoral practices. What’s more, indulgence in Internet games or online chatting not only does harm to their physical health, but also inhibits them from developing feelings of security, compassion and diplomacy in real life. The current social phenomenon should arouse great concern of our whole society.

  7. Will e-books replace traditional books?

  I hold that e-books will replace traditional books sooner or later, because e-books have various advantages over the traditional ones. To start with, e-books can be downloaded from the Internet directly, most of which are free of charge, while the traditional books in bookstores are much more expensive. What’s more, e-books can be stored more easily on computer and are more convenient for people to carry around. Last but not least, reading e-books has become a fashion, which particularly appeals to young people.

  8. Will online education take the place of traditional education?

  Yes, I think so. First, online education can be carried out everywhere at any time, while traditional education requires learners to attend classes. Second, materials of online education are in different forms from audio to video, which can be obtained conveniently, while textbooks are the leading form of traditional education. Last but not least, online classes are available for learners to select freely, attracting those who can’t undertake a whole set of traditional classes.

  9. Is it wise to make friends online?

  As far as I am concerned, I strongly oppose being addicted to making friends online. Firstly, too much attention to online friends distracts your concern to the true friends and families in the real world. By the same time, the communication between you and your friends is becoming less and less. Therefore, you feel lonelier in real life and spend more time on the Internet. Besides, online friends are often disguised. A large number of cases have proved that many criminals make use of the Internet to cheat of money or love. There’s always a gap between the real world and the imaginary one. So, those who are indulging in the Internet should cast their eyesight to the friendship and kinship in real life.

  10. The impact of social networking websites

  Every coin has its two sides. Besides the social and entertaining functions, social networking websites have also brought many problems such as the risk of personal information security among teenagers. Some young people who are addicted to social networking websites isolate themselves in their virtual world and even have difficulty in communicating with people in the real world. In a word, social networking websites pose both opportunities and challenges to our modern life. Only by making reasonable use of them can we benefit considerably.

  11. The impact of Internet rumors

  With the wide use of the Internet, Internet rumors bring a great influence on netizens and other people. Internet rumors will definitely result in severe consequences if we keep turning a blind eye to them. For one thing, made-up scandals directly infringe on citizens’ rights, affecting their daily life and ruining their public image. For another, the dissemination of such rumors as those about social or natural disasters causes panic and disorder in society. Finally, the spread of rumors on the Internet will undermine the credibility of the Net to a point that people will no longer trust it in the future.

  12. Measures to stop Internet rumors

  It is imperative that laws and regulations be enacted and enforced to stop Internet rumors, such as introducing a real-name system and calling for stronger supervision of the Internet. Besides, people should be educated to distinguish the right from the wrong.


  话题 3 校园生活


  Topic:Is it positive or negative for us to take part in social activities during our studies?

  A: Have you been to our campus web BBS recently? There is a hot issue that attracts me. People are arguing whether it is good or bad for our study to take part in social activities. How do you feel about this point?

  B: In my opinion, it is positive to attend social activities in university life. University students can benefit a lot from them, which would be very helpful for their future careers.

  A: I don’t know about that. Could you elaborate on that色情小说的最新网站怎么找?

  B: Definitely. Through attending these social activities, students can meet a lot of friends to enlarge their social circles, and they can improve their abilities on dealing with the interpersonal relationships.

  A: There is something in what you say. But I think it would waste a lot of time if students attend these social activities, which would distract students’ attention from their studies.

  B: I’m not in agreement with what you said. Mastering all the knowledge in the textbooks is not the only prerequisite for getting a good job. I know some graduates who are excellent in their studies, but know nothing about interpersonal communication, which has been an obstacle in their following work and lives.

  A: However, in some students’ eyes, these social activities are far more attractive than the classes. They take part in them not to gain skills in human interaction. And finally they would neglect their studies and be misled and go astray.

  B: That’s possible. But in my eyes, a successful university education is to cultivate talents not only mastering all the knowledge and skills from the textbooks but also having abilities to handle interpersonal relationships. It’s true that some of the students are not mature enough to distinguish the true from the false. But parents and teachers should provide advice and suggestions, so they can have healthy and all-round development.

  A: I still can’t agree with you. Social activities would take students’ minds off their studies, which would have a negative effect on their studies.

  B: From the beginning to the ending, I believe to learn how to deal with human interaction is a part of university education and students can get these skills by taking part in various social activities. Therefore, social activities have positive effects on university studies.


  话题 4 学习


  From the picture, we can see that a little boy is facing four high mountains of education, which indicate the education system of China. As we all know, education plays a very important role in a country. So it is very important to provide a good education and easy-learning surroundings for every member of our society.

  But what should we do? I think the best way is to develop the quality education to release the learning pressures on students. To realize this goal, we should take some effective measures. In the first place, we should break the traditional education system. Schools should change teaching concepts and improve teaching methods to facilitate the development of students’ interests and help them to form a good habit of learning on their own. In addition, the relevant authorities should strengthen their management to insure the healthy development of education.


  话题 5 饮食


  1. What is your favorite food or meal?

  I love fish and chips. I used to run to the fish and chip shop to get food for the whole family. If it was a nice summer evening, I would sit and eat them outside. I suppose that they are not so healthy, but no one seems to mind that.

  2. Do you like cooking?

  I like cooking and can cook several dishes well. I can cook Italian and British food. They are not very difficult to make. I cannot cook Chinese food, but I’m taking a Chinese cookery class at the Guangzhou School of Culture.

  3. Who usually cooks in your home海角社区最新网站怎么进?

  I live alone, so I cook for myself. My kitchen is modern, so I can cook complicated dishes. I don’t cook every day. Sometimes, I go to a restaurant near my home, especially when I’m after school. There is a Korean restaurant. It is small, but the food is great.

  4. Are there any kinds of food that you do not like?

  I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t eat any food that contains animal products. I just don’t like the taste of meat. I cook for myself, so I don’t worry about animal products getting into my food. However, I must be careful at restaurants.

  5. Do you think that most people in your country eat healthily?

  I think that Chinese food is healthier than Western food as you rarely see overweight Chinese people. Vegetables are not cooked for as long as in the West and therefore retain more of their proteins, vitamins and other nutrients. Fruit is eaten in bigger quantities and there are more varieties found.

  6. Do older people and younger people prefer the same kinds of food?

  At home they would eat the same food. But younger people like American fast food more than the older generation do and younger people are more likely to try other foreign food such as Italian Pizzas.

  7. What kinds of food do you think will be more popular in the future?

  I think that China will follow the food trends in other countries. Certainly more foreign food will become available in shops and there will be more foreign restaurants. It is likely that organic food will increase in popularity.

  8. Is food an important aspect of cultural life in China?

  Yes, it is! Most Chinese people greet each other with the phrase, “Have you eaten?” So the topic of food is never far away. Families like to center around the table when they gather together. And students and workers often celebrate by having dinner in a restaurant.

  9. What’s your opinion about eating and drinking on subway?

  As far as I am concerned, eating and drinking on subway trains are indeed not proper behavior, but it is also not reasonable to deprive citizens of that right. Eating and drinking on subway trains should be discouraged. Announcements and posters could be used to encourage people to create a better environment. With regard to the pregnant, the elderly, the sick and the weak, the government can allocate them special room to eat and drink.

  10. What should we do to insure food safety?

  To guarantee food safety, we need something more than the strengthening of relevant regulations. Firstly, we need to carry out a comprehensive study of food standards both in China and abroad. Secondly, we should make a breakthrough in supervision technology. Thirdly, we should guarantee the safety of raw materials, the food processing and the transportation. Only in this way can Chinese food become safer and safer.

  11. What do you think of losing weight by eating less?

  In my opinion, dieting is not beneficial in the long run. People tend to lose weight initially but then they regain their normal weight after some time. To lose weight, you should take correct measures. In addition, losing weight is not only losing weight but also creating a new healthy lifestyle. And you can form good habits and reduce risks of diseases. At the same time, you gain confidence when you slim down.

  12. Can you tell me how Chinese food is different from that of other countries?

  As far as the cooking techniques are concerned, Chinese people tend to stir-fry the vegetables while people from other countries like to have their vegetables or meat either steamed or boiled. Another difference is that they use cheese a lot while many Chinese people find it too greasy. The very obvious difference is that Chinese people like to have their beef well-done while people from other countries may like it rare or medium.

  13. What’s your favorite snack in your hometown?

  For me, the hot pot is the first choice. Watching the rolling soup in the pot, inhaling the spicy scent in the air, do not behave yourself, just take off your shirt and gobble up the yummy food. You may ask why people would take off their shirt while enjoying the hot pot, the answer is simple—the spicy hot pot makes them sweat. After a whole day of hard work, several friends gather in the hall of the hot pot restaurant. We chat and laugh while drinking the cold beer and stuffing the mouth with the delicious food.海角社区的最新的网址入口是多少

  14. Are you a good cook?

  Although I like cooking with my friends together, I don’t have the confidence to say I’m a good cook. Sometimes色花堂的地址在哪里 I don’t do what I’m supposed to do. That’s why I like cooking with people. I like cooking 海角社区的最新的网址的入口是什么 with people on weekends, so that we can 98堂最新网站入口在哪里 share ideas and get to know what we do not know before. So I don’t think I’m a good cook by myself.

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